ECO-4 Candle Wick

  • The ECO series is a specialty flat wick braided with interwoven paper threads. This braiding technique gives the ECO series an increased stability level found only in square braided wicks. The ECO series is designed to improve the burning of solid scented, solid colored, pillar and container candles and has been found to perform very well in paraffin / natural wax blends. The ECO series has it's own special chemical treatment which significantly reduces the afterglow normally seen in wicks containing paper.
  • Type: ECO-4
  • Application: Suitable for paraffin and natural waxes
  • Application size: Votives, small containers and pillars (2” to 2.5”)
  • Price is for 3 metres

*Note:Only wick string included. Wick string is not pre-waxed and wick sustainer tab is not included.